27 Mar 2009

Daddy, what did YOU do in the Recession?

We've already blogged about how a little goodwill can go a long way in these straitened times.

Here are some nice examples of brands putting this into action:

Kraft has been offering literal warmth and fuzziness in the form of heating bus shelters and giving away free soup samples in the Windy City.

Also in the US, FedEx has made the grand gesture of allowing customers to print off up to 25 copies of their CVs for free - at any of its 1,600 stores across the US.

Hyundai US has bucked the trend for car manufacturers to lure in new custom by offering 0% finance deals (i.e. what got us into this mess in the first place!) with its aptly-named 'Assurance' programme. The promise? If you lose your job after buying a new Hyundai, you can simply walk away from your loan or lease and return the car to Hyundai. The programme launched in January and so far, Hyundai has recorded an increase of nearly 5% YOY (versus overall US car sales which are down 40% YOY).

Meanwhile in the UK, Tango has shown that manners cost nothing by launching a limited edition can replacing their "Tango" logo with the word "Thanks". Why? Simply to "thank the public for saving the brand" by responding to the "Save Tango" campaign in their droves and boosting sales by 8%.

What could your brand be doing to shore up a little goodwill?