26 May 2009

Bus stops, but not as you know them

It seems that the Italians' reputation for doing it better is entirely founded.

This month saw the unveiling of the EyeStop, a new, state-of-the-art bus stop designed for the city of Florence that looks set to revolutionise bus stop advertising.

Outdoor planners, steel yourselves...

The solar-powered, glass, steel and stone structure is partially covered with touch-sensitive screens and features a range of interactive services. Passengers can plan their journey on an interactive map, surf the web and even monitor their real-time exposure to pollutants.

Best of all, the Eyestop allows passengers to track the exact location of the next bus and 'glows' at varying degrees of intensity as it approaches - surely the nirvana of bus travel?

A more formal prototype will be rolled out in October - ample time to get ahead of the game and start thinking about how you might use it for future campaigns.


Neil Watson said...

I'd give that about 32 seconds in Leith!!