13 Jan 2010

3D @ CES 2010

ith another raft of 3D movies scheduled for UK release this year it's already shaping up to be the year of 3D (we're quite excited about Alice in Wonderland.)

We've already seen one 3D advert from Courvoisier which aired last November during Channel 4's 3D festival. How long before we start seeing 3D adverts as a matter of course accompanying 3D movie releases?

3D technology moved on a leap and a bound at last week's CES 2010 show in Las Vegas where Intel demo'd a glasses free 3D TV.

Sky TV are already planning to launch a 3D channel to take advantage of the raft of 3D televisions due to be launched this year but glasses free technology is just the thing to make this a practical reality for in-home 3D viewing. We certainly don't expect mass 3D take up until this glasses free 3D technology is widely available.

Also smacking gobs at CES last week was another Intel demo of a massive Minority Report style touch screen which is pretty impressive.

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