19 Apr 2010

Mobile Internet set to overtake Desktop access by 2014

This is a great summary from Morgan Stanley of current trends in Internet access around the world. Picking up on key learnings from the Japanese experience (anyone who's ever been to Tokyo will have goggled enviously at Japanese commuters accessing streaming video content on the Underground trains faster than we can get on our home broadband packages) it demonstrates how mobile access to the web is predicted to overtake desktop access by 2014.

Driven by Apple's slew of new mobile web products (iPhone, Touch, iPad) and increasing 3G penetration, the rise of social networks and VoIP the presentation shows how technological convergance is going to deliver a revolution in online content delivery.

Some of the key points:

Mobile Internet is growing at a faster pace than desktop consumption. (slide 7)
Mobile Internet use to surpass desktop Internet use by 2014. (slide 8)
If Skype were a Telecoms carrier, it would be the largest in the world. (slide 38)
Japanese trends highlight importance of mobile devices. (slide 50)
Data is the largest chunk of mobile network traffic, not voice. (slide 64)
Users happier to pay for content on the mobile than on the desktop. (slide 75)