15 Apr 2010

Most Ad Agencies aren't results focused!

Before all of our ad agency friends take too much offence can we just point out that this is supported by data from The Fournaise Marketing Group so please take any complaints up with them!

Their recent global study showed that many client marketers worldwide think their agencies are inssufficiently "results driven".

They interviewed 1,000 marketers around the world and found that 65% thought their agencies paid too little attention to return on investment. In the most developed advertising markets of W. Europe, USA and Australia as many as 70% agreed with the statement.

74% of respondents felt that their agencies didn't even have the tools and insights to allow them to focus their campaigns on the right audience. Which begs the question why they continue to retain them?

Another 71% are concerned that their creative agencies are far too driven by awards success and portfolio building and too little by delivering increased brand sales for their existing clients.

Overall, only 35% of global advertising agencies were described as "result drivers" focusing on improving their clients' revenues, while a further 43% were "result pretenders" presenting themselves as committed to proving payback on marketing expenditure without adequate processes in place to actually deliver accountability.
Finally, a dissapointing 22% of agencies were criticised as "dreamers" who "lived in the old 'Adland'" and had completely failed to adapt to the demands of the new media age.

Which camp does your agency fall into?

Sourced from WARC 14 April 2010