8 Apr 2010

Nike support Tiger

Mawkish? Macabre? Whatever you think of the ad it's going to get both Nike and Tiger Woods talked about.
As Tiger returned to professional golf at the Masters today, Nike signalled their continuing support for their flagship golf sponsorship with a brave ad voiced from the grave by Earl Woods, Tiger's father and long time coach who passed away four years ago.
We've seen dead celebrity ads before (most recently for the new Citroen DS3 featuring John Lennon and Marylin Monroe) but this new Nike ad strikes a more serious, possibly sinister, tone. It's a brave bold positioning statement from Nike which seems to set out their stall as a brand that sticks with you along the road, however hard that road might be.
Whether it achieves it's objectives remains to be seen but you've got to applaud the bravery of Nike when Tiger's other corporate sponsors dropped him like a stone the moment his scandalous behaviour came to light.