4 May 2010

New "social" Spotify vs. ad-funded We7

If you haven't downloaded the latest version of Spotify it's worth taking a new look. First of all, it will add all of the songs on your PC to Spotify so that you can access them wherever you log in - either desktop or mobile.

It will also wirelessly sync your PC tracks to your mobile. Not only this, but you can share playlists to Twitter or Facebook and see all your Facebook friends playlists. Your friends can also send/recommend you music, basically stealing a bit of mflows thunder.

iTunes may finally have a decent rival as you can of course buy music through Spotify and access it on a huge variety of devices, not just the iPhone and Android.

More details on the new features over at Techcrunch.

Meanwhile, We7 scored a nice bit of PR recently that might just impact the hype around the launch of the latest version of Spotify.

"We7 has succeeded where many similar companies have failed: it has managed to get its advertising revenues to cover not only its own costs but, more importantly, the cost of the royalties it pays to the artists whose tracks it plays."

With We7 recently launching a paid subscription app for iPhone identical to Spotify's and both looking to break the US this year there could be exciting times ahead.


The Music Void said...

This is an interesting interview with Steve Purdham of We7 where he talks about how they've managed to cover the costs of artist royalties through their advertising.