6 May 2010

YouTory - Moderation in all things?

Whatever your politics, you may have noticed the Conservative Party takeover on Youtube today and the channel it links to. Whatever the outcome of the election today, it looks as if the Conservatives have won the battle for digital supremacy.

Is this Youtube activity too little too late or a just in time intervention for Cameron's party? Either way, it highlights an interesting issue in social media implementation. It's politics, so do you allow 'the people' to stimulate and manage their own debate/conversations? Or, do you (social moderator) actually get involved with the conversation to influence / inform etc ?

There's very little evidence of the latter on the channel, with some very negative comments being posted beneath the manifesto which is either a position of confidence or, perhaps more likely, everyone at Tory HQ is too busy on doorsteps and outside polling stations to spend time canvassing the online audience.