11 Oct 2010

Android Most Popular Operating System in U.S. Among Recent Smartphone Buyers

Nielsen is out with new data in August showing Android as the most popular OS among smartphones purchased in the last six months, with RIMM and Apple's OS tied for second place. The interesting thing to note is this data captures a full month of iPhone 4 users, making the number seem even more impressive given strong sales for iPhone 4. In terms of overall market share among all smartphone owners, Blackberry maintains the lead at 31%, though the spread between RIMM and Apple is compressing, with Apple at 28%, and Android at 19%. We think the Android story is just getting started and given the momentum in the pipeline, its just a matter of time before it catches up with the other OS’s in the space.

Just by way of comparison, a quick straw poll here shows market share at 45% RIM, 37% Android, 9% Apple and 9% Symbian (Sony).... with 3 Android wannabes and 1 staunch Apple fan.