21 Dec 2010

AR Killer App?

If you've been following this blog you'll know we've had a bit of a love affair with Augmented Reality over the last few months.

Until now, we've been intrigued but not overly impressed with the application of technology in this area. But Word Lens shows the promise of what AR apps really could deliver: install the app, point your phone camera at any text you want to translate, and in real time it appears on your phone screen. We'll say that again - IN REAL TIME!

It only works Spanish to English at the moment but the developers have plans to roll this out over the coming months.

Teh developers, Quest Visual, explain the app’s process simply, “It tries to find out what the letters are and then looks in the dictionary. Then it draws the words back on the screen in translation.” Right now the app is mostly word for word translation, useful if you’re looking to get the gist of something like a dish on a menu or what a road sign says. “The translation isn’t perfect, but it gets the point across” says Good.

The future is now.