28 Mar 2011

The Big Society Infographic

Great piece of infographic work designed by our friends at Tayburn from a survey commissioned via Brand Democracy highlighting some interesting findings.

"Society" is too remote a concept for most, with more people interested in their local community. This echoes previous studies I've seen suggesting that, for most of us, "Life is Local" i.e. lived out within a surprisingly small radius from our homes.

Most people feel that companies should be as involved in their local communities as the people who live in them. Either by giving something back to the community or supporting emlpoyees who want to. This contrasts poorly with how most people feel their emlpoyers are communicating on this subject with the majority feeling they either didn't know how, or didn't think their employers would support them in supporting the community. A clear CSR gap.

Possibly of most interest is the finding that 72% of people already think they are involved in "The Big Society". I'll let you draw your own conclusions as to how positive a figure that is in light of the expected outcomes of this policy.

Via Communicate Magazine.