2 Mar 2011

Google, YouTube, Al Jazeera and Dave

Today's Google Homepage features a link to an exclusive David Cameron interview on You Tube. The interview, 'presented' by Al Jazeera World View and 'powered' by YouTube, following a similar interview given by Barack Obama in January.

YouTube sees potential to grow from increased access to the main home screen through internet enabled TV. Internet enabled TV (in particular Google TV) will make Video content searchable through your home TV, making individual pieces of content such as this interview become more valuable to broadcasters as they become available to a wider, on-demand audience.

YouTube seems to aim to compete with traditional broadcasters with better pieces of content and is developing its strategy to take advantage of this. In the past week YouTube announced it is in discussions to secure rights for NBA and NFL content as well as including longer clips of movies and TV shows and streaming more live music events.

It'll be interesting to see how internet served TV develops off the back of these developments.