11 Apr 2011

Comscore 2010 Europe Review

I missed this when it came out in February but Comscore's 2010 Digital review for Europe is worth a read if you have the time.

Highlights include:
  • Turkey had the highest Facebook penetration in Europe at 90.4 percent
  • The Netherlands and UK lead in engagement
  • European demographics skew older than emerging markets
  • Europeans spend more time on facebook than any other site
  • Fastest growing content categories – social activities on the rise
  • Instant messaging experiences rapid declines
  • Advertising on social networking sites grows
  • Use of coupon sites grows in Europe
  • European search intensity varies by market
  • Viewers in Germany, the UK, and Spain spend the most time watching online videos
  • Shift towards longer content is shaping the future of online video
Via Ivan Fernandes