21 Apr 2011

Social motivation - Reebok Promise Keeper

Reebok, through Forsman & Bodenfors in Stockholm, has released an iPhone and Android app to promote its ZigTech running shoes.

I'm no runner (there's always another bus along in a minute) but, if I was ever inclined to take it up Reebok's Promise Keeper seems like an excellent way to keep you on track.

Runners who do the run they say the will, or don't, have posts and videos posted to their YouTube site either giving them a pat on the back or giving them a row depending on their application.

Copywriter Robert Lund explains: 'This fits well with Reebok's brand values that exercise has to be fun and uses a human insight about how people use the internet to share.' Lund believes: 'Brands need to give people something they can use which makes their lives richer.'

Via the always excellent Contagious Magazine.