6 Apr 2011

You can almost touch the future...

It would appear the world’s gone touch screen crazy – evidenced firstly by the success of the iPhone and its many imitators, and now, again courtesy of Apple, the tablet industry is growing rapidly and estimated to be a $20 billion industry by 2014. So what’s next for touch screen technology?

Microsoft offer us a glimpse ahead in their video from Office Labs in 2009, in which they envision a more productive future led by touch screen technology, from the classroom to the office.

And more recently Corning, a specialist glass-maker, reveals their image of the future in this creative and imaginative short video, A Day Made of Glass.

If this is truly what’s to come, then it certainly raises a few questions; are we ready for this level of interaction? How will marketers compete for attention in this information-rich environment? Can the planet cope with the extra energy demands that will be required to power a touch screen world of this scale? Oh….and how are Windolene going to cope with the extra demand!?

With thanks to Euan Ross at MediaCom Edinburgh.