27 Jun 2011

Ogilvy Day - Favourite Cinema Ads

Last week I was surprised to be asked to speak at the Marketing Society Scotland's Ogilvy Day event at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh. A distinguished panel from scottish agencies and clients (see why I was surprised?) was asked to show their three favourite cinema ads. There was a spread of great ads chosen by everyone but here are the three I chose:

I actually wanted the Paisley version of this with The Thistle Bar and Auntie Morag but couldn't find it anywhere. This is the first cinema ad I actively remember (other than those ones for the carpret shop and indian restaurant round the corner). It must;ve struck home because, at the time, I was living in Paisley and watching my movies at the Kelburne Cinema on Glasgow Road (now retirement flats apparently). I never did drink much Bacardi but I love the fact that they had regional version of the ad.

I love the cinematic feel to this ad. It tells a great story and the payoff is quite a brave idea for a mobile phone company even if the medium of cinema makes a lot of sense of it. Great soundtrack by Joanna Newsom too. The director Noam Murro did the recent Halo ads for Xbox which are some of my favourites of recent times with their strong storyline and epic feel.

Adidas Originals, Daft Punk, Star Wars. Three of my favourite things all in the one ad tied together with cutting edge tech and a sense of humour. What's not to like?