18 Jul 2011

Debunking the God Complex

More TED goodness from Edinburgh, this time from economist Tim Harford.

Great story-telling (Archie Cochrane was some guy) and a great case for evidence-based decision making. In a world which is as complex as ours now is it's impossible for any one individual to have "the answer". Tim claims that every complex system that actually works has been produced through trial and error not by some genius having a eureka moment.

Anyone working in marketing could do themselves a favour by listening to what he has to say. With the exception of the IPA Datamine work and that of the Ehrenberg Bass Institute there's far too little science and far too much faith in marketing "Gods". Time we were less certain of what we "know" to be right and more open to the idea that we're wrong. Then go about finding out why.

"It is very difficult to make good mistakes"


Anonymous said...

Very interesting and thought-provoking.