14 Jul 2011

More Cannes Shenanigans - 100 bullet points by @jessedee

Some more great finds from Cannes. This time from consultant Jesse Desjardins @jessedee.

I particularly like the parallels drawn between religion and brands re. symbolism and storytelling. If brands are all about creating and refreshing strong memories (see Byron Sharp's work on this) then the better your stories and the more distinctive your brand icons the better - "the best brands weren't created or born to be the most profitable, but to make life better".

There's also some good, solid thinking from BBDO on how not all screens are equal i.e. why you need to tailor content depending on which screen you intend it for and what effect you intend it to have. Not rocket science but worth stating nonetheless as many brands try and save on production by using the same stuff everywhere. Mind you, "we need a more fluid approach to content, a lot more stuff for a lot less dollars".

I also like Leo Burnett's call to "speak human". The brands that are winning are those that can present a human face to people (note people, not 'consumers'). Similarly, the big winers online are those brands (Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google) that create platforms for others to build on rather than selling a one shot solution. I really like the thoughts here about "selfless" provision of things that help people's lives become better/easier. Allowing or, even better, encouraging experimentation within business or with your brand has huge benefits in terms of engagement and innovation.