3 Aug 2011

Jules Verne meets Monty Python

Not for Everybody from eatbigfish on Vimeo.

Interesting wee snippet via the ever wonderful Eat Big Fish. Founder of US brand consultancy Quaker City Mercantile, Steven Grasse who are the guys behind Sailor Jerry (not my favourite rum) and, as explained in this video, Hendricks (not my favourite Gin).

The story of how the gin came about is interesting enough I guess but, for me, more interesting is the attitude outlined in the opening minute or so:

People buy brands they like (or in American think are "cool").
They don't like advertising.
Make people like your brand through experience, not communication

Now, while I might not entirely agree with him about the advertising part (there are plenty pieces of advertising that people like and which are an experience to watch) I do think there's a lot to be said for thinking beyond advertising (see what I did there MBA guys?) to how brands can create an experience either in the real world or virtually. It's sort of what I was trying to get across in this article about Google +.

Interested to hear from others re. what side of the communication/experience fence you sit.