5 Sep 2011

New Twitter ad fails to impress

It's been blogged about pretty extensively but it's still pretty underwhelming isn't it? Doesn't he look smug? Probably not a brand attribute you'd want to portray.

This isn't the first video that Twitter have released. I'm no Creative Director but their previous attempt I think actually has some charm while demonstrating what the product does.

Even their recruitment video has a bit of attitude.

I'm not sure what this new ad is saying to me. Is speed so important? Isn't relevance more useful? It just goes to show you that not all content is good content. As my MBA colleagues point out, there are a few simple tests for whether you're content is adding value to your brand:

1. Does is add anything for the audience?
2. Is it better than what you’re already offering?
3. Does it reflect your brand image & values?

Looking at this latest effort I'd say it fails on at least two out of three.

1. There's no new news here. In fact, there's old news. So it's not adding anything to what I already know about Twitter.

2. At least for me, it's no better than the older ads I've shown above. Shouldn't they be striving to continuously improve their message. At least as much as they should their product. Even more so since they're product is ALL message.

3. I'm not sure whether it reflects their brand values or image but I'm pretty sure "smug" is something they want to be seen as, or project onto their user base.