25 Jan 2012

The Chinese New Year in Next Growth Cities - A WPP Report

To mark the occasion of Chinese New Year, WPP have created a groundbreaking study - "The Chinese New Year in Next Growth Cities." The study identifies major opportunities for brands and retailers and breaks new ground in several ways:
  • Researchers and a photojournalist spent the Chinese New Year period with two families conducting the first-of-its-kind ethnographic-pictorial research.
  • Unique insights, data and remarkable photos reveal new opportunities for brand success in China.
  • The project benefitted from the strong collaboration of several WPP companies and the WPP proprietary BrandZ™ study, which includes the largest brand analytics database in the world
Even if you don't work on brands that currently are present in China, the study offers original insights about Chinese society and the evolving importance of brands in the world's most dynamic market.

You can download the study and watch the overview video by visiting www.wpp.com/chinanewyear.

Fascinating stuff and well worth taking the time to read and view.

Via David Roth, CEO, The Store WPP, EMEA and Asia