26 Apr 2013

MediaCom Engage Review - Including Speaker Presentations - #mcomengage

Wow. Just wow.

I had high hopes for the 6th of our MediaCom Engage conferences and boy did the four speakers live up to my expectations. Definitely my favourite event so far.

First up, my lovely London-based colleague Pauline Robson (standing in for the soon to be married Claire McAlpine) showed why she's leading our Real World Insight team with a fantastic introduction to how real people are adopting multiscreen  behaviours.

Using video blog excerpts from our Real World Britain panel, Pauline demonstrated how Mobile has finally come of age (even if it's done that in the home rather than out and about). 50% of tablets never leave the home and we could see how this was facilitating fluid movement between on and offline media. We need to really think about the different ways people use their various screens and design content accordingly to be successful. I also liked the concept of "Scattercushion Computing" even if I've yet to convince my wife to correct the current imbalance we have between soft furnishings and technology in the living room.

Second on stage was the human dynamo that is Derek Scobie. Boy, did his presentation pack a punch and it was delivered at breakneck pace with some great video footage (as you might expect from YouTube's Propositions Manage) and no little humour.

I was struck by how YouTube provides a platform for communities organised around interest and at a scale that was unimaginable only a few years ago. There are some really exciting opportunities for brands to collaborate with the creator community and some interesting challenges in the curation of such a vast quantity of content.

After the break, one of my favourite curators, Neil Perkin, ex-IPC and now Only Dead Fish, gave some deep insight into the ways the big tech companies are building world-beating content ecosystems as well as providing some great stimulus for how we need to think about content marketing.

Hearing about the "stack" approach that Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple take prompted me to think about how we could apply that thinking to our clients businesses. It was clear that we need to start planning for conversations, not only by breaking away from a stop-start campaign mentality but also by how we break down silos between agencies and inside clients. And I love the Stock and Flow concept as an explanation of the need for different types of content in different contexts.

Finally, our very own Joe 90 - Digital Strategy Director Jem Lloyd Williams - rounded the morning off with a considered and clear explanation of what connected planning is, and how we can use this thinking to connect our clients brands with their consumers more effectively.

I loved the idea that all this was just basic human behaviour being played out on a new technological canvas - People First, Better results. The uptake of mobile devices now means that we don't need to, and should never, create media dead ends for consumers. Great clarity of thought.

I felt as if things were just getting going with the Q&A when we ran out of time so happy to continue the discussion in the comments below or on Twitter around #mcomengage. Thanks to everyone who came along and especially to our four guest speakers. See you at the next one.