30 Oct 2013

For those of you that missed it...

The latest MediaCom Engage event took place on October 10th at the impressive Hawthornden Lecture Theatre in the National Gallery. This time round the topic was Super Connected Media Partnerships. It was another good turn out and another collection of excellent presentations and I defy anyone that was there to say they left without learning something new and being given food for thought!

For those of you that were unable to attend then hopefully this post will assuage your disappointment a little as we have copies of all the presentations for you to peruse.

First up was our own Steve Gladdis who went through why we had chosen this topic and what the benefits of media partnerships can be. Here are the presentation slides

Next up Amanda Tushingham and Ivan Lazarov from The Guardian talked about the transition from being a newspaper to a "digital first" organisation, what that has meant from a news reporting side of things, what it means to the content they provide and how brands can partner up with this and what it can do for them with some case studies to illustrate.

Our third speaker and probably the one whose facts and figures surprised us the most, was Dominic Smales from online talent agency Gleam Digital. His presentation took us through the sheer scale of fan base that certain YouTube celebrities have and how smart brands can access and benefit from this. Whilst there was obviously an element of the sales pitch to his spiel, it was nonetheless a fascinating look at an increasingly growing area of effective and affordable "celebrity" endorsement.

Finally we had Dilupa Nannayakkara from Bauer Media who took us through what makes a good partnership and some case studies of partnerships they had worked on, the processes each went through and what they learned along the way.

All of this was followed by a lively Q&A session which leads me nicely on to say if anyone reading this has any questions or would like more information about the day then give Murray or I a shout at the following email addresses gordon.eldrett@mediacom.com or murray.calder@mediacom.com