22 Apr 2009

More sensory branding

Another great example of sensory branding, this time from Roche - the world's largest cancer-treating drug company - and McCann Erickson Portugal.

Breast cancer is the cancer with the highest incidence in Portugal. 4,500 new cases are detected annually and the death rate is one of the highest in Europe. The marketing challenge was to "create a simple, low-cost action that would raise awareness of the importance of self-examination".

The innovative solution was to distribute 50,000 stress balls with a stone inside, designed to simulate a lump. Each ball featured the tagline: "You don't see breast cancer. You feel it. Do the self-exam.", and was accompanied by a 'how to self-examine' leaflet.

The balls were distrubuted to women on the street, in the workplace, in hospitals and at theme-related events. And the results? A 22% increase in mammograms and a 28% increase in hospital visits.