2 Apr 2009

Smoke and Mirrors and Rice Krispies

In a strange case of ‘now you don’t see it…now you do’ branded packets of cereal could soon be appearing in the kitchen of the Big Brother house in the UK as part of a plan from Endemol to insert product placement into catch-up content that is viewed online.

The super-indie has signed a deal with MirriAd, which specialises in digitally inserting CGI overlays into film to look like they were part of the original footage.

The technology will allow the indie to generate revenue by embedding branded props, signs, logos, videos or animations into the likes of Deal or No Deal or Coleen's Real Women when they appear on commercial catch-up content websites.

Product placement is banned in programmes produced for UK -television but there are no restrictions on embedding advertising in online content.

Can’t wait to see cupboards full of ‘pukka’ Baxters Soup in Jamie’s Kitchen or Catherine Morland munching on a ‘Sub of the Day’ in catch-up versions of ‘Northanger Abbey.’