8 May 2009

Advertising inside our homes?

As crazy as it sounds, it may be a future outlet for marketers, and a revenue source for homeowners. David Gianatasio at Adfreak speculates that the success of “sponsored cities”, where ads support, and are plastered on all manner of local buidlings / property, in combination with the struggling economy will create a demand for ad supported homes. Would you agree to let ads invade your home for some money off the rent or free WiFi? In a way, we’re almost there already. Think of all the advertising that sneaks into your home anyway: telemarketers, internet-mobile-television ads - why not make them pay you for taking up mind-space? To explore Gianatasio's idea further please visit http://adweek.blogs.com/adfreak/2009/03/advertising-is-everywhere-or-it-soon-will-be.html .

PS Thanks to psfk.com / Adfreak for the tip off