23 Dec 2009

Top Ten Online Marketing Campaigns of the Decade

GoViral have just published a list of the top ten online campaigns of the decade.

40 campaigns were shortlisted by the great and the good of the digital world and were then put to the vote (albeit only just over 1,000 people voted). What's perhpas most notable about the awards is that the top rated effort - Eepybird's Mento's & Diet Coke experiment - wasn't instigated by either brand proving two key points about the new media landscape:

1. It's easier than ever for independent content creators (or "people" as we like to call them) to say something about your brand which resonates with your consumer (also "people" by the way)

2. Those brands who are sharp enough to spot what's going on and run with it rather than trying to suppress it in some sort of pique - "I'm the brand manager/creative director/media strategist (delete as appropriate) - how dare you be more creative than me"! - can reap huge rewards.

Enjoy the creativity on show here and have a very Merry Christmas everyone.