26 Feb 2010

DEVO crowd-source their new look

Whip it!

Yes, DEVO appear to be croudsourcing a new look. In a letter on their website, Greg Scholl announced that they "have initiated a series of studies to help the band determine every decision it makes regarding its body covering, its brand color, its graphic icons and even its choice of vocal style and instrumentation on any given song!" in advance of their first album launch in 20 years this spring.

The campaign is being led by Mother LA for whom the band appear to be the only client. The agency told Creativity Online: "The office is very small and experimental in nature, a collaborative experiment," [Mother co-founder Linus] Karlsson says. "We're testing a new model, a soup-to-nuts virtual office environment, where people share ideas and unite digitally. Los Angeles seemed to be the perfect location to do this; not only is it hard city to commute in, and where both the band and Warner Bros are located, it is also a town where it's sometimes hard to tell what's real and what's fake, what's fact and what's fiction. And this is part of the project."