28 May 2010

Thomson Reuters Insider - Youtube for the Financial Industry

Thomson Reuters is launching what it calls ‘YouTube for the financial industry'. The Insider platform will aggregate videos produced by banks and asset managers and other financial services companies and also includes Thomson Reuters' own video content produced using its network of journalists, and financial analysts recently hired to provide specialist commentary.

One hundred and fifty external video providers, including Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan, and UBS have already signed up to Insider, which Thomson Reuters hopes will differentiate itself from its competitors such as Bloomberg.

This service is not open to the public, just the 500,000 financial professionals around the globe who subscribe to the Thomson Reuters desktop service. Some subscribers pay up to $2,000 per month.But is a major step in getting content in front of key decision makers (via desktop,iPhone, Blackberry and in a couple of weeks will also be available on the iPad) who watch developments in technology and media closely.