4 Jun 2010

First personalised trainers now Lego!

The sneaker freaks amongst us will already be aware of MiAdidas and NikeID where us gutty geeks can create our own custom trainers.

But now we're quite excited about the new Lego facility to design your own lego kit - DesignByMe.

All of us must've at some point played with Lego as kids. It's one of the iconic childrens toys and a great brand to boot. Now both kids and grown-ups can stretch their imaginations using a downloadable software tool from the Lego site to create our own kits, have them boxed and sent to us.

While both Nike and Adidas keep the action online with web-based design applications, Lego puts an app right there on your desktop for you to play with to your hearts content. Personalisation has been a buzzword in marketing circles for years now so it's nice to see it finally coming into the mainstream. What next we wonder? Please make it Meccano!

Right, we're off to design that castle we always wanted!