28 Jul 2010

Down Boy - What Type Of Dog Is Your MD (Or Your Brand)?

Randy Komisar is a Silicon Valley old hand, now a venture capitalist and entrepreneur, and is just one of those people you should just shut up and listen to. He was CEO of Lucasarts and a founding director of TiVo, don't argue with me.

There's a great recent piece with him on Fast Company where he talks about the differences between management and leadership, between the right kind of leader and the right kind of management at different stages in the startup / corporate lifecycle. Aside from it being interesting in its own right (his Sahara desert story is eminently steal-able for almost any presentation you'll ever give), but the ideas he's got about leadership have fairly obvious links to brands. Everyone wonders whether they're doing the right thing, but is it the right time to do it? The strategy may be solid now, but is the culture there in order to recognise when it's no longer relevant, and to allow the strategy to adapt?

Best of all though, he talks about CEOs being different breeds of dog. Mediaexplored idly wondered out loud in the office what type of dog our very own MD might be, and despite being advised to go and order him to sit down and roll over in order to find out, we think that's a question best left to Randy to figure out.