25 Feb 2011

Biosuite - Emotional Response Cinema

I'm all for innovation in media. But this feels like a step too close to the plot of Videodrome for comfort.

Biosuite is very clever I'm sure but do we really want scene selection driven by the aggregate emotional response of the average cinema audience?


Gawain Morrison said...

Hi Murray

Thanks for posting, and this is exactly the conversation that we want to have, as we've been investigating this space.

It has equal amounts of 'wow that's cool' and 'that is just creepy'.

Human computer interfacing is coming regardless of how we feel about it, and that's from voice recognition to direct human interfacing, and physiological data is one of the things that we will be using to interact with computers.

I think the important thing is to be educated and aware of what exactly is happening, and then choosing how and when to engage in this way.

Gawain Morrison

Murray said...

Hi Gawain. Thanks for the comment.

It's certainly an interesting debate. I saw something the other day that said there were 80,000 people already with computer chips embedded in their brains to help with various medical conditions.