13 Jul 2012

12 Tips for Modern Briefing from the IPA

The IPA, in partnership with Contagious, held a Modern Briefing event at the start of the month aiming to explore the evolution of the briefing process within our tech-led media landscape. The event offered experiences and insights from leading industry lights, alongside practical tips to encourage us all to think and act differently. And there's some absolute gold contained therein. 

My three favourites:

1. Try version numbering your briefs - v0.1 says 'this is early thinking and will change'. It transforms teams' understanding s of the brief and briefing process from a point in time to a process. (Glyn Briton, Albion)

2. Don't bet everything on a singular insight. Be less linear and more holistic. (Michael Dick, MEC)

3. Translate the business problem into behavioural change (Patricia MacDonald, Isobar UK)

You can watch them being presented here.