2 Jul 2012

OMGoogle's Project Glass launch

So, Google's goggles launched with some fanfare at their I/O developer conference last week. In suitably Californian style and with, no doubt, many a totally awesome high five (dude), they chose a group of skydiving, mountain biking, extreme sports dudes to showcase the capabilities of their take on the next wave of mobile tech development.

The live skydiving Google+ hangout was pretty impressive I have to say. But I think it's going to take a while before this catches on outside of the nerdcore. Designed as a solution to bumping into things while mainlining the mobile internet as you walk down the street, the kit is still too expensive and too bulky to have much mainstream appeal, impressive as it is.

With voice activated control, Project Glass seeks to rival Siri as a new, less intrusive interface with the mobile web. I just wonder how many of us are really ready for a never-ending HUD of email and FB posts?