12 Sep 2008

Attention economy

“The tight coupling between attention and money is dependable, bankable. Google made its billions because in addition to having a service that people wanted (the assumed minimum) it knew that sooner or later (and probably sooner than later) where attention flows, money will follow”. Kevin Kelly

Across consumer markets, attention is becoming the scarcest, and so most strategically vital, resource in the value chain.

Cheaply networked digital technologies will produce vast amounts of new kinds of media and consumers will navigate this by picking and choosing what matters most to them and storing it in their Personal Cloud.

What matters most will be determined by their immediate basic needs (narrow focus) then areas of interest (social, cultural, leisure, sporting, learning etc).

For the brand story (or relevant parts of the story) to break into the Personal Cloud it will need to tap into Communities of Interest.

Source: Bubblegeneration