12 Sep 2008

Communities of Interest

Communities of Interest (COI) will range from the wide (e.g. ‘Concerned Parents’) to the more discrete (e.g. ‘Classical Music Fans’) to the niche (e.g.‘Munro Baggers’).

If you are the manufacturer of say, a family sized S.U.V. the Brand Story will, in the future be told in different ways to these COIs. For ‘Concerned Parents’ you might supply a map of Britain’s Safest Roads that can be downloaded straight to your Sat Nav via the car’s USB port. For ‘Munro Baggers’ it could be a series of maps showing how to bag more in a day. ‘Classical Music Fans’ could be treated to an exclusive concerto, specially commissioned and designed to be listened to in-car (via the SUV’s hard drive).