3 Dec 2009

Razorfish FEED - Digital Brand Experience Report

Razorfish Feed Report

Thanks to the guys over at BBH Labs for bringing the Razorfish FEED report to our attention.

This US based report is in its 3rd year and, while using US data only, it has equal relevance to us on the other side of the pond.

Not only do they highlight effectively how consumers interaction with brands is changing in the digital world, they also very generously give away not only a PDF of the report but also free access to the data and charts. Open source or what?

They are truly walking the walk.


Anonymous said...

The need to create a brand experience online is a given. The argument is on slide 15 of the pdf.

• 97% report increased brand
• 98% show increased consideration
• 97% will more likely purchase a
• 96% may recommend the
brand to their friends

The hidden sub-text? Any marketers watching Mad Men need a slap. According to the report "83% Of Mad Men’s Time-Shifted
Audience Fast Forwards Through
The Commercials".