7 Dec 2009

Social Media for Social Marketing

Hats off to the TDA (Training and Development Agency for Schools) in England who earlier this year set up Facebook pages curated by (apparently real-life) teachers, Elizabth Doyle and Kaol Rasarathnam - http://www.facebook.com/teaching and http://www.facebook.com/teach - to answer questions for people interested in getting into teaching.

Not only do the sites combined have over 6,000 fans, they are active with both those looking for advice on how to enter teaching as well as current teachers giving advice. Admittedly, we've not seen actual results in terms of new teachers signing up but it's a nice use of the platform and well targeted to the demographic they're trying to recruit.

What's holding other Government agencies back from engaging with citizens in similar fashion in an environment which is made for dynamic question and answer sessions?