29 Jan 2010

How is the Internet changing the way you think?

Yes, that's "you", not "we".

Edge's new question for 2010 - how is the internet changing how you think? - is much more interesting than the usual "why aren't you using social media?" or "why don't consumers want to interact with your website?" which might more normally be covered in a media blog.

Edge poses this question to 172 world class scientists, artists and creative thinkers and comes up with some very interesting essays as a result. George Dyson wonders whether machines are replacing human thinking while Clay Shirky asks "What's so great about War and Peace anyway" in a world where more people are reading more than aver thanks to the pervasiveness of the internet.

Great, challenging food for thought from great, challenging thinkers. Recommended reading.

If you're more interested in "we" than "you" then we also recommend this recent article from the Guardian on a similar theme:

Democratic but dangerous too: how the internet changed our world