29 Jan 2010

Rijksmuseum Technology

This story isn’t the latest news but it deserves to be told. Jan Willem Sieburgh museum’s Business Director collected his award for the Marketer of the Year in June 2009 for his work integrating technology into the traditional role of the museum.

The Rijksmuseum is undergoing renovation until 2013 and, while the inevitable disruption was taking place, the idea was to find as many different ways of reaching visitors as possible.

As a result they are the first museum to indtroduce an iPhone app that allows people to view different work from the collection every day. The innovation didn’t end there as the museum have also opened a branch at Schiphol Airport and launched their own magazine. There are also plans of using iPod options to allow visitors to compose their own tour once the museum re-opens.

Combining culture with technology and most of all staying fresh might be an inspiring way of bringing life to museums.