1 Feb 2010

WeVee - Sharing the UK Film Council archive

Sharing previously restricted or hard to find resources seems to be the order of the day. Perhaps this is linked to increased nostalgia as the nation buckles down to the reality of recession and post recession Britain? As the website states:

WeVee is a unique collaboration between content people and web people in answer to a UK Film Council brief to bring film archives to brand new audiences. Our challenge is to unearth our regional history of archive film and video, searching out the gems and making them available for users to edit into their own WeVees using our unique online edit tool. WeVee is about making and sharing your own meanings about the past, reflecting on where we’ve come from and where we’re heading to.
So far, there are 174 clips in 6 categories - Celebrating, Getting About, Going to Work, Living Your Life, Speaking Out and "Random". We can see lots of uses for this from teaching the youth of today how different life was only a short time ago (topically, there are rather a lot of Bournville related clips on the front page at the moment) to VJ mash-ups (copyright permitting). Well worth taking time to explore.