8 Feb 2010

Mobile Media Metrics launched

GSMA and Comscore launched their UK Mobile Media Metrics last week in partnership with O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and 3UK. This is a landmark in the development of mobile advertising. It will also (allegedly) be the most accurate media measurement system ever launched. Some key points below:

  • All mobile traffic will now be independently measured and reported via the Comscore interface
  • Mobile network operators will anonymously track all page views, site visits, dwell times and individual views across the mobile internet. 
  • Browsing information will be collected at an individual level and not via a panel (as is the case in online). This will give actual uniques and page views for any given site.
  • It will also be possible to view a detailed demographic breakdown for every sites traffic. This element will use a representative sample of browsers, taking exisitng info from a mobile operator and also using information given by the consumer.
  • Traffic accessing via WIFI (and therefore going around mobile operators) will be measured via Comscore Media Metrix 360 and added to the reports.
  • Blackberry traffic will also be collected seperately and added to the survey.
This will provide mobile with a common currency to trade on (something lacking in online for years) and also, for the first time, real transparency when planning.
Rob Conway, CEO and Member of the Board of the GSMA said "The underlying principle of Mobile Media Metrics is to deliver valuable and actionable reporting tools to the media industry, while respecting the privacy of individuals. Access to transparent measurement is essential in establishing mobile as a legitimate advertising medium, and Mobile Media Metrics is a critical element in advancing this process."