23 Jul 2010

Blog digest

Our blogroll (see right hand colmun) lists a few of our favourites and we reckon all of them are worth a read from time to time.

But we know you're busy people, so we've picked out some recent posts we found interesting:

Seth Godin on newspapers - Seth points out the difference between paying (or not) for news and paying for the paper it's printed on.

Millward Brown on measuring social media - chief analyst Nigel Hollis takes issue with the trend towards "real-time" social media influencing long-term brand strategy. Some interesting comments pointing out the need for a balanced apporach.

Neil Perkin on creativity - ex-IPC marketing chief Perkin makes a plea for us to re-evaluate creativity in the networked world.

FutureLab on Brand Strategy - Denise Lee Yohn uses the musings of Amy Tan (of Joy Luck Club fame) to illustrate 5 key things to bear in mind when developing great brand strategies.