13 Dec 2010

Ofcom Consumer Experience Report 2010

Ofcom's 2010 report into consumer communications experiences is out now.

Highlights include:
PC/Laptop penetration now at 78%
  • Take up of fixed line telephony has fallen from 94% to 84% in 10 years
  • Conversely mobile has grown from 62% to 91% in the same time
  • Mobile is starting to replace fixed line and mobile only homes have nearly doubled from 8% to 15% in 5 years.
  • Cost of mobile is actually lower in the UK than in other major markets (hard to believe as that may be)
  • Broadband penetration is up to 73%
  • Mobile broadband (as main connection) at 11%, up from 8% last year
  • Digital TV penetration now at 93%
See the whole thing for yourself here.